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Our Point of View

Tribal Economic Development is not just a roundup of businesses but a process for building the systems, skill sets, and institutional capacity for economic diversification. This means thinking beyond the reservation and organizational boundaries to create a portfolio of high value businesses of the future that create both financial and social/infrastructure returns for the tribe.

Services We Provide

  • Assessing and packaging alternative financing, including equity
  • Creating diversification portfolios that balance risk with return, addressing multiple tribal goals
  • Applying industry standard due diligence to all business prospects
  • Fast track business planning with focus on value
  • Proven processes for separation of tribal business from government
  • Anatomy of a Deal - Deal structuring and closing
  • Tools for enterprise accountability


More intense scrutiny on business/economic development projects, including standards for business plans/financials, profit making business separated from tribal government, improved deal scrutiny, and a portfolio of economic initiatives with formal reporting and accountability protocols.




Served as national workshop lead facilitator and co-author of report to Congress and the White House

First ever Indian Country comprehensive guideline manual